17th November 1992 – Worship

“Wherever you are, you are in Consciousness and Consciousness is within you. You have to worship the Purusha, this Cosmic Being within you. ”

This Satsang from 17th November 1992 begins with Papaji giving a wonderful and emotional talk on the historic background of Buddhist worship with an emphasis on honouring everything that comes into everyday life. “This Cosmic Being resides in all beings. In the cavity of your Heart is Conscious Being, which directs you to see, smell, hear, activate your activities. This has to be worshipped, adored, honoured, wherever you go, whatever you do, whatever you listen, whatever you see. Then how can you forget? ” He continues with a very touching admission that all his attempts to express the inexpressible Truth have failed, followed by a long period of silence in which the viewer is drawn into a profound silence.

A devotee comes up and asks Papaji if the devotion he is talking about requires an extreme effort that will eventually lead to effortlessness. “This is your nature. You make effort to forget effortlessness. Somehow you forgot, “I have, I have become something else,” therefore we need effort to remove what you have become, not what is the Being, what has been concealed underneath.” Papaji tells the story of a beggar who sees a king praying and tells him that from that moment he will be begging directly from god. “Everybody is beggar, even kings are beggars. Nobody keeps quiet, nobody says, “Yes I am complete, I don’t want anything.” Immediately when you say, you are a king! Not only king, you are beyond that. To Him, this universe belongs to. To Him, these Gods are servants.”

In replying Vedant whether Consciousness is dependent on the body, Papaji uses the analogy of a fish in the water crying “I am thirsty,” to describe that Consciousness alone is, always. “Turn your face towards Consciousness and let anything happen. Maybe suffering, maybe poverty, maybe battle, war, quarrel, you will not suffer, you will not be going to die, because you are within Consciousness. Let the ripples form, break. Let the bubbles form, break. You know that you are substance, you are water.”

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