3rd October 1992 – Who Is The DOER?

In this satsang from 3rd October 1992 Papaji gives a beautiful discourse on emptiness. “You are not the doer. All our activities are in emptiness and you are not responsible for any activity. When you get rid of name and form this is all Akash, emptiness. And this is your true nature.”
This powerful satsang includes:
. Papaji describes the interplay between Shiva and Shakti, Nirvana and Purusha, “Shiva means emptiness/Self; Shakti is the energy within the consciousness to know. Nirvana means emptiness. Purusha is untouched and cannot be seen or achieved. Nirvana can be achieved and then it will take you to Purusha. By this Purusha the sun shines and the earth moves. Turn the retina inside and it will be seen.”
. Papaji addressing lukewarm commitment to Freedom, “If you sleep with longing for freedom you will also wake up. This longing will be with you 24 hours a day. What is more dear to you will jump up in your heart.”
. Papaji tells the story of the 6th Chinese Chan Patriarch and a Maharashtra Saint to teach about right listening.

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