Whenever you are happy it is emptiness

This compilation put together for Gurupurnima 2021 starts with a discourse from 14th November 1992 titled ‘Who is this ghost?’ in which Papaji speaks about the ego. . “This ghost is ego. You have to reject even this consciousness and in the emptiness of the space in the heart you have to further dive beyond you and beyond me. Here you have to ask this question Who am I? Beyond body, consciousness and emptiness; within the heart. Then there is no place for this ghost to enter. This is the end of Samsara and Nirvana.”
The video continues with a question from an Indian lady, “Is the experience of love same as bliss? Papaji speaks about the word love being misused in the West and symbolising mostly lust. “When there is no lover and no beloved, then there is bliss. When you use the word love, you are referring to someone of the past, past relationship. In this moment don’t touch the past nor the future, for one instant of time. Past is a serpent. It will bite you. If you live in this moment you become eternal.”
The rest of the clips are from unreleased footage, which was shot in u-matics format for the documentary ‘Call off the Search.’
An american guy asks, “How to love the supreme despite evil in the world?” Papaji, “The Supreme is immaculate and beyond illusion. Supreme is the one which is the source of everything. When you remove all the illusion (mind and concepts) then you will see the Supreme here and now. The snake never existed. Undress yourself and be holy.”
The next clip was partly used for the documentary Call off the Search but we decided to add it here because it contains further teachings that were not included in the documentary.
A man called JAY describes his own experience of enlightenment. Papaji, “Whenever you are happy, it is emptiness. It is desirelessness which gives you happiness. Whenever there is ‘I,’ there cannot be stillness.”
Last but not least is a funny interaction where a French guy wants to check if Papaji is enlightened. Papaji concludes that he is looking for a physical proof of enlightenment, and in his cheeky way, plays with words by asking him if he is a dog or a pig, a man or a woman. There’s lots of laughter in this cliip. The compilation ends with the song ‘Be a Lion’ which was recorded in Lucknow in 1992 and is part of a devotional album of the same title.

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