“The Beauty of No Mind” by Jeff Greenwald

This interview by Jeff Greenwald from 31st of January 1993 was used as one of the narration threads in the documentary ‘Call off the Search” and is one of all time’s favourite interviews with Papaji.
Jeff Greenwald’s spontaneous outpouring of gratitude at the end of the video eloquently captures the feeling of people who were blessed to sit in Papaji’s presence: “All of my life I wondered what it would have been like to sit at the feet of the Buddha. Now I know.”
Some of the questions to which Papaji replies are:
. Who are you?
. How does an awakened being see the world?
. What is freedom? Who is it that realizes freedom?
. What is mind? Can mind assist in the process of realizing freedom?
. Is faith in God a prerequisite to freedom?

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