10th March 1994 – P2

Papaji continues to address a young woman who writes about thoughts and meditation.. PAPAJI: Silence is behind the thoughts. Be vigilant and there will be no thought. When the mind is free it is called meditation. . A french woman writes: My only Self is you.Papaji remembers visiting various beaches in France and having many […]

10th March 1994 – P1

This powerful Satsang from 10th March 1994 includes the following encounters: . Papaji tells a German devotee that to remove his arrogance and find the Self he only needs not to think. Papaji uses the analogy of a diamond merchant that hid his diamonds in the pocket of a thief to avoid being robbed, to […]

25th April 1994 – P1

This Satsang from 25th April 1994, includes a very strong encounter with an Indian man who asks about the validity of the Bhagavat Gita and tells Papaji that he has no personal questions to ask him. Papaji tells him that this is a battlefield that this man is not ready to fight and throws him […]