10th March 1994 – The diamond is in your pocket – Part 1

This powerful Satsang from 10th March 1994 includes the following encounters:
. Papaji tells a German devotee that to remove his arrogance and find the Self he only needs not to think. Papaji uses the analogy of a diamond merchant that hid his diamonds in the pocket of a thief to avoid being robbed, to explain that the diamond is inside us and we need not look elsewhere, ask others, go from Satsang to Satsang. The Self is here and now.
. Another devotee asks Papaji if he can bring him to a place where he can experience God.
. A very devotional encounter where “the bride prepares earnestly for her wedding.”
. Papaji guides a young Buddhist to watch the gap between 2 thoughts and 2 breaths.
. A man called Tom tells Papaji, ‘How is it you get sweeter and lovelier every day?”
Papaji gives him the name Krishna and talks about Krishna and his gopis.
. A young woman asks about meditation. She tells Papaji she wants to open up but she is already attached to another guru and is afraid that she would get more confused. Papaji uses the analogy of a man carrying 100kg stones on his head and adding extra weight to explain that any practice only adds more weight to the mind.
Part 2: https://youtu.be/eMyzvaICIWI