Return to Silence

The theme that runs throughout this compilation is “silence.”
Papaji states and demonstrates that silence is one’s real and permanent nature. He goes on to say that silence is the ground and substance of everything in existence. He also answers the question, “Can one be silent while being active in the world? “
Papaji speaks of the way by which Sri Ramana Maharshi demonstrated silence and what he taught about how to realize it. As importantly, he speaks of the means by which we distract ourselves from the experience and realization of silence.
He explains the meaning of freedom, or enlightenment, and the simplicity of awakening. During this discussion he also speaks about, and defines, satsang, mind, and atman, and answers the question about the role of the guru. He convincingly assures his devotees that waking up is possible in this lifetime.
The topic of how our recognition, or lack thereof, affects all beings is beautifully explained. We actually see an example of this when one devotee, while speaking to Papaji, suddenly recognizes silence as the reality of his being and the viewer is drawn into the profound depths of being. In a spontaneous outpouring, this devotee speaks about “the arrow of Papaji’s love which strikes the heart” and which brings one to his knees in gratitude.
Though the content of this compilation is of a profound nature, it is also light-hearted and filled with joy. It ends with a song of gratitude beautifully sung.
This is one video that you will want to watch over and over.

This DVD is available with subtitles in English, Hungarian and Italian.

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