11th December 1992

This satsang starts with a discourse on Self Enquiry. “For any success you need to avoid obstacles. Nothing belongs to you. Rejecting all objects of senses you come to ‘I’, also to be renounced. This is your time, the next hour belongs to Yama. Yama takes bodies only but not consciousness. What is death that you are afraid of? First know yourself then speak about death.”

Highlights are:
. Papaji replies a query on how to dissolve the sense of ‘I’. “Abandon all notions, even ‘I’. If you understand it will be consumed into its own fire and die.”
. Papaji Tells a lady who wants to know how to merge into the Self, “This is another thought of the mind. Reject this notion.”
. Papaji talks about tapas, “Century ago people used to hang down like bats. Buddha witnessed this also. Merits are like beating iron to give some shape; the last stroke will bring it into shape due to previous strokes. 
. Papaji remembers 2 people who straight away got Papaji’s message. 
. Papaji speaks about Sai Baba and Muktananda and talks about Ramana path of self- enquiry, “It will remove your ego and give you eternal rest.”
. Papaji replies a question about boredom, “This moment is without any thought. In this instant tell me if you are bored. If you are happy everyone must be happy.”
. Papaji addresses a lady who wants to experience freedom, “Rejects understanding. It’s all past. This ‘Who am I?’ is not in the memory or in the mind to grasp. It’s a revelation. Don’t try to grasp and it will reveal itself.”
. In the last interaction Papaji speaks about the body, “This body itself is a disease and all other diseases are minor complications. First realise the Atman and this disease of birth, death, suffering and sorrow will end.”
The video ends abruptly.

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