13th Feb 1995 – No Hitchhiking in The Transit Lounge

“When a man is hitchhiking, he has no home, he is not yet satisfied. If you are wise, you will smell the place and find out if it will give you peace and bliss. Yet, many people are going but let them go, everybody is not fit to have peace of mind. So, since you have been searching God, if even the place is not good, then God within you will be your guide, to take you to a perfect place to fulfil your desire. And you cannot stay without finding this place. And I believe that is how you are here.”
Highlights from this satsang from the 13th of February 1995 are:
* Zafron: How can I give up the concepts and demands that prevent me from realizing the truth that I am not my body? Papaji: Stick to this demand to be free, to be with the Divine itself. And other demands will be fulfilled by the Divine.
* Adithy: Attachment to family and their demands. Papaji: Don’t try to please anyone who stands in your way. You march on and til the battle is won.
* Eric: How do I go within, and, what is freedom? Papaji: If there is no wall, then, where is within, and where is without?
*Sugandha: I want is to be here in Satsang and to fly with my own wings.
* Atila: There is a tremendous desire for love. It’s like pain. Very, very deep pain. I am a lover and standing at the other window is my beloved. Papaji: Face this person. And this person is freedom. It will finish you. And no desire will be left. Try and wait. You don’t ask, you simply wait, and you will be granted.
* Papaji speaks about the time when Ramana told him to go to Punjab to save his parents and said, “I am with you wherever you are.” He then addresses the relationship between guru and disciple, “You create this feeling, ‘I am disciple, and he is the Guru.’ You simply know who you are. Then you will know who the Guru is. Perhaps he is the same. Who is a disciple, and also the Guru? Maybe only one person. Without this duality. No feeling. No remembrance. No mind. That is called bliss.
Satsang ends with beautiful devotional offerings.

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