Jump Into Eternal Peace

This compilation is on the nature of Self-enquiry.
The video includes a beautiful awakening by a man who asks whether the Truth is inside or outside. Papaji tells him, “Which is the wall that keeps you outside and the Truth inside? Don’t touch the ‘I’ and then who wants to see the Truth?” The devotee acknowledges that there is nothing to do and laughs out loud.

The title of the video is taken from the meeting with a young Russian woman (Ramani), to whom Papaji says, “Jump into here and now. Go alone and leave behind the ‘I.'”
She gets it straight away and sees that there is nowhere to jump and that freedom is here and now, ever present.
This beautiful compilation ends with the song ‘Jay Radha Ma Dhava’, sang by a Hare Krishna group that visited Satsang Bhavan in December of 1995.

This DVD is available with subtitles in English.

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