Free Will

In this extract from a satsang on 9th November 1993 Papaji replies a question about free will, karma and pre-destiny. “You are predetermined to come to satsang. It’s not your choice. You forgot what has happened in the last birth, you forgot everything. The result of that karma is now this, that you have to fulfil, you have to move further. Whatever you do, karma means continuity, postponement. Again and again you’ll be reborn to get the fruits of the previous karmas. It will continue. If you want to stop it, this time, you are compelled to go to some person who will end these karmas, so that you will not be reborn again. Your seeds are roasted.”
Papaji explains about the importance of one pointedness to realize the Self. “Here on the crossroad you are compelled to make this choice, predestined choice, go on your right hand. This, “I will go this way,” is a predestined choice. Last time this choice was not strong enough; it was going on the other side, where whole world is going. You are going upstream against the mind. Satsang is against the mind. If you have come to satsang, here you have a firm decision to make, that “I am going to do it this life. I must win freedom this life.” Stronger still this year. Strongest is today, Now. Don’t falter this, from this decision. This now doesn’t belong to any choice. This now is out of time. And when you have a firm relation with now, this is called freedom.”
Papaji talks about road accidents and drink-driving. “If you want to check the fear of death and avoid death, there’s only one way: sit quiet, meditate. It will take away all the diseases. Meditation is the only cure to relieve you from death.”

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