This compilation starts with a discourse from 17 December 1992 where Papaji speaks about emptiness by using the analogy of gold. “The inherent nature of gold is to be carved into shape. In the same way, consciousness, emptiness can take any shape. Whatever it thinks so does it become. Kalpas, Yugas will come, stay, dissolve again and again. The inherent nature of the ocean is to create waves. Never did anything arise. Investigate who am I? Who is in trouble? There is no suffering, it’s only imagination of the mind.”

The compilation continues with clips from different satsangs, all on the subject of emptiness.
Papaji: “Emptiness cannot be touched. Nothing ever existed. Everything rises and submerges in emptiness. This is only imagination. You are not bound. Don’t be owned by anyone.”

“Everything is only the 5 elements. See where they come from. Ether is emptiness and all elements dissolve in that. Emptiness is only mind. Mind is no different than these 5 elements, to refer the mind go back to “I”. ENQUIRY into the I: AWARENESS. The I will vanish. From that point Nothing Ever Exists. Nothingness is looking at Nothingness. Transcend even nothingness to see ‘I am aware even when there’s nothing’. You can’t understand. In the last step you don’t think, like when you meet a tiger in the forest. You need not think, tiger will take care of you.”

“Energy arose before the elements and that mind has created them. Still it is energy. Energy came out of Emptiness. Emptiness came out of somewhere which can’t be described. Cannot be understood. This is called Satsang also trying to understand that, which cannot be understood. Don’t eat the vomit of those talking about the unknown. Try to search it by yourself.”

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