26th November 1992 – Behold the Inner Flame

“Behold the Inner Flame, eternally ablaze within the cave of your own heart and in the hearts of all beings. There is potential in all the beings to be Buddhas. Don’t look back into the past, that this Siddhartha became Buddha. If you reject all those desires of the past and put a stop and then aspire for this Inner Flame, this Wisdom, Light and Beauty, and spend just a second, just one second, I believe you have touched the goal.”
“For Freedom, price is only ‘I.’ ‘I’ is the only trouble. ‘I’ is the only bondage. And if you pay this price, you are free.”
In this beautiful Satsang from 26th November 1992, Papaji talks about three methods for experiencing the inner flame that is always shining in one’s heart. He also speaks about the price for total freedom and, in a very funny and moving exchange, guides a devotee through the quagmire of attachments to the experience of peace.
He ends this Satsang with a profound teaching on the removal of fear.

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