Be Free of any notions, ideations and intentions

In this beautiful extract from the 22nd of March 1993, a French devotee called Samadhan tells Papaji about experiencing the dissolution of the ‘I’ while in satsang with Isaac Shapiro, but eventually the mind came back.
Papaji replies, “When the ‘I’ is not there, it is not an experience. Your predetermined desire was projected and manifested. The mind has been fooling you. If you reject what you want for one second, then you will see something you have never seen or heard before and that can never be lost. Make use of this moment. If you don’t do it you are in the trap of religions.”
“The real experience takes away all the experiences. It takes away the ‘I’ itself. Then you cannot have any other experience. This comes all of a sudden, without determination. Be free of everything, then sit for a second without notion, ideations, intentions, then you will see something, which you have never heard, never read, never seen anytime before, therefore you cannot forget it. All the projections will be lost. All that you see will be lost to you because they are sensual experiences, through the senses, and it is going for the first time direct, very direct experience without the mind, without the senses, without any physicality, mentality, spirituality.”
Papaji tells the story of a diamond merchant who was upset with Buddha because his only son had become a buddhist monk. After receiving Buddha’s blessings in response to vocally abusing him for hours, the merchant threw away his possessions to follow the Buddha.

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