3rd June 1994 – Don’t be lost to your Self

“Everybody wants to cling. Cling to teaching, preaching, teachers, preachers, some books, some statements. You have to be empty of everything. Free from all concepts. Then you are a different man, and you will know that you have never been born.”
This satsang from the 3rd of June 94 was filmed during a power outage with devotees fanning Papaji as Lucknow temperature would be over 40/45 degrees Celcius. It includes the following interactions: Papaji addresses JOICE and makes jokes about the word “phatichar” which means useless person: “All are tricks of the mind. Keep quiet and don’t make effort. Find where thought arises from, where the senses arise from, where ‘I’ rises from. Un-smelt flower has to be offered to the beloved. The face of the beloved is so beautiful that even the senses cannot be transcended to describe the word beauty.”
RAMNATH: “I do not know what is happening to me, and also I do not know what is not happening to me. But I talk to see the point, but then I don’t talk to not to see the no-point. I don’t see the point, and I don’t see any point anyway. Can I exist like this?” Papaji makes jokes whether he has been instigated by an old disciple called Kevin and tells him that he’s also a ‘phatichar’.
NIRMALA: “Falling more and more in love with you.”
The video ends with songs offerings.

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