7th August 1992 – Wake Up! – Part 2

Papaji addresses Gurudas (see end of part 1 when Papaji talks to Gurudas about vigilance) and tells him to look at un-arisen thoughts to check the trend of the mind. “When you describe anything it’s past already. Only past can be described. Now you yourself invite, “Oh my dear thought, you come.” This is checking the trend of the mind. This is vigilance. This is watchfulness. And this must be your habit. If you allow it to rise you are in trouble, then there is this circle, this cycle of endless trouble, you see. If you are not vigilant it will rise. And this rise is called samsara. And if you look, this is nirvana. Nothing else.” To portray this, Papaji tells the story of Parvati asking Shiva how to be free and being guided onto emptiness.
An Indian devotee called Madhu asks about confusion.
A devotee of Neem Karoli Baba tells Papaji that during satsang she is having darshan of Hanuman, prompting Papaji to recollect his encounter with Hanuman in Chitrakoot in 1945. “Hanuman darshan, excellent! That’s all. Here opens the new door to light. You don’t need anything else. Only don’t have doubt. Don’t have doubt.”
Papaji checks back on Gurudas and his guidance is priceless, “Constantly going deeper. Before the formation of any word. This is always going on, going endlessly. Fathomless love, fathomless beauty. One gets lost, more and more. And one is not responsible for anything. And you are checked. You are looked around very well. Everything is provided to you.

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