7th August 1992 – Wake Up! – Part 1

This long Satsang from 7th August 1992 is divided into two parts and starts with a strong discourse about waking up before our time is over. Papaji recounts his own longing for God and the quest to find a guru who would show him God. This eventually brought him to the feet of his Master, Sri Ramana Maharshi, who told him to find out who the seer is and by whose grace Papaji realized the Self.
Papaji replies a question about responsibility after enlightenment, “In that state there’s nothing to do and there’s nothing not to do. It is for the Self to reply, Self to behave. You merge into the Self after freedom. It’s the end of all problems, end of all conducts and moralities.”
He then replies a question regarding satori. Papaji explains that satori is the result of previous expectations and that silence and vigilance is the only means to obtain freedom, “Anything which has any name, any experience, is only concept. Do not give a landing ground to any concept. If you do not allow a thought to land, what will happen? It will not rise. All the life you have got to be very careful, even in the end of the last breath also it can attack. So, you have to be very vigilant. In silence don’t allow a landing space to any thought. This is vigilance. Keep silence and see nothing trespasses this silence. Again and again and again.”

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