This world is a transit lounge

This compilation put together for Papaji’s 25th Mahasamadhi starts with a beautiful video montage of Papaji in Rishikesh in 1992 to the song ‘Govinda Narayana’ from the album ‘Be a Lion’. The discourse that follows is from the 1st of August 1992. Papaji speaks about Consciousness and Self-enquiry: “Most people cling to what they have learned, cling to the teaching, and start meditating. And now they are so much interested in the means and they forget why the means was needed for. The finger was needed not to hold the finger but to see the moon. Like this, meditation is a finger pointing to freedom. There’s only one fire which can burn everything, and this fire is inquiry. If you simply inquire “Who am I?”This is in fire which will burn everything.”
The video includes rare footage taken in Haridwar in 1990: “You are the Seer that sees the dreams and the visions. And the Seer is the screen. Behind it is the projected pictures. You identify yourself that you are the screen and you let the projected films come and dance upon the screen. You are not affected.” Papaji tells the story of an Indian pickpocket who couldn’t find the diamond he was trying to steal because it had been hidden in his pocket. “We don’t search our own pockets and we miss the diamond. What is too close, you miss it always. You don’t search and you go to do meditation retreats.”
In the following clip, replying to Jayant about his doubts and fear of death, Papaji states: “You are confronted with the fear of death because you are not quiet. If you know how to keep quiet, no death can touch you. Refuse the mind, “I don’t listen to you.” That’s all you have got to do.”
The last interaction is with a woman called Nirada who tells Papaji that she has a Master who has left the body and she finds resistance in opening up to Papaji: “The Master who can die is not a Master. Bodyless Master needs a bodyless person. Teacher has no teaching. Doesn’t tell you to do anything. Simply tells you: keep quiet. Whenever the thought comes, look at it, watch it, be vigilant, then there will be no thought at all. This world is a transit lounge. Don’t make friendship which is not lasting.”

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