30th March 1993 – This Moment is Beyond Time

This satsang from the 30th of March 1993 was recorded during the period the documentary ‘Call off the search’ was being filmed and everyone who comes up is sitting on a chair next to Papaji. The satsang is 55 minutes long and includes the following interactions:
*Prabhavati: Being unworthy and losing the diamond in the fish market. Papaji: “That’s the unworthiness of the people whom diamond is handed over. People who misuse it will suffer for million of years. It is their business to look after the diamond. This clip has been used in the compilation ‘Truth Exalts a Holy Person’ https://youtu.be/WNiVvGl1kZ4
*Anand Samarpan wants to ‘share a moment’ with Papaji. Papaji: “This moment which I speak about is beyond time, and it doesn’t touch any person, any thing, any idea. That’s what the moment means. Can you enter it? Yes. You can’t carry any load with it on your shoulders. Remove all burdens and go alone. Stay here. Keep quiet and see what’s happening.”
*Amod would like to enter the moment with Papaji. Papaji: “If you have been in the moment it’s enough. You respect that moment and it will take care of you. Keep it in mind or speak about it. Wisdom is loving something that doesn’t disappear.”
*Gitendra: “Is it total receptivity?” Papaji: “Ask the question to yourself: “Am I completely worthy of you?” Turn your mind to the Self and let it question its source. Purity will enter right away. Your earnest desire to be free is worthiness. This will burn everything.”
*Anrupa: “It’s easy to keep dog outside my bedroom.” Papaji: “I don’t advice not to keep dogs but to keep pet dogs that don’t bite.”
*Jamie: “How to be with fear and desire?” Papaji: “Fear is with some person not when you are alone. This relation is past. There are not 2 persons in the world where there is no conflict. Where there are 2 there is conflict and fear. This is the law of nature. Some rare one will look for a teacher and return back to what is known. Strong is the one who rejects everything like King Jagnavarka. Every desire gives trouble to you, this is the difference between foolish man and wise man. Quiet mind is when you are free of desire.”

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