This mind is the mirror

“Within all the beings, animate, inanimate, there is essence, minutest of the minute, from where this Consciousness arises in waking, dreaming, and also in sleep. That is the consciousness I speak about; unseen, unknown, unattained, unachieved, untouched. To know “I am that essence” is called satsang.”
This compilation put together for Papaji’s 26th Mahasamadhi starts with a discourse from the 18th of July 1992 where Papaji greets new arrivals and explains the meaning of satsang and the importance to remove doubt and fear to realize ones own innate freedom.
The compilation includes the following:
*Ramira: “I have only one deep desire: I want to be free.” Papaji: “Desire for freedom has no name and no form. How long this desire can stay? Give up desire for what is not worth. Do not kiss the snake.”
*Naima gives Papaji a stuffed Hippo: “I have fear to meet you therefore I have sent my friend first.” Papaji: “When you are very near to someone, as near as your eyes, can you see it? When the mirror is kept aside, where is the reflection gone? Mind is the mirror, when it’s away you are very near to you
*Zaratustra: “Who’s thanking whom and for what? Please play the role of student/Master for one moment.”
The video ends with two devotional songs by Zaratustra and Suresha and images of Papaji’s son Surendra washing the urn which contained Papaji’s ashes after pouring them into the Ganga at Hari Ki Pauri in Haridwar.

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