5th January 1993

This Satsang from 5th of January 1993 includes beautiful answers to devotees’ questions.

Papaji: Before the word is uttered it is a thought. Where does the thought rise from? From beyond. There you have to keep quiet. That is called silence, not when you don’t speak and thinking about something else. It will take it to the emptiness of the heart. From emptiness everything arises. Emptiness follows you. You will know all this is a dream. Freedom is always there, only you dreamed and you are still dreaming. Satsang is a place that wakes you up so that your dream leaves you and you are happy. Then the silence is always there. Whatever you can follow or understand, don’t touch it. Like this conversation, up to the last word I said. Then go alone if you want to find peace. Don’t hold the finger pointing to the moon, you have to reject my finger also and the one who is rejecting.

Papaji: Satsang is a good boat. Reading before enlightenment gives you trouble. Don’t read any book. Open your own book, open the pages in the emptiness of your own heart. There’s nowhere to go but be here and now. In one second of time you are free. You need no effort.

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