Now is the right time

In this extract from the 15th of November 1993, Gurudas tells Papaji that he comes empty-handed. Papaji jokingly replies that he’s empty-headed and that he needs to know which direction to go. “You say you do not know where to go; that will not do. You have to decide which is your flight, which is the number of your flight. Don’t make a mistake; you may be in a different flight. Change it. Ask someone. If you can’t read, they announce also. Listen to the announcement, and go. You are aboard your own plane. And this plane is going somewhere else, such a definite purpose, definite place. So, that you have to decide. Without decision cannot do. Firm decision is absolutely necessary. Don’t change it. If even the whole world is one side, you alone on one side, don’t change don’t listen to them.”
In response to Gurudas expectation to experience specific ‘states’ Papaji says, “To rest means no expectation. For the unrest: expectation. So, you have to decide between (the) two, and both ways are very easy. If you don’t expect anything, everything is given to you. To expect anything, nothing will be given to you, it will be taken away.”
For a funny and very powerful satsang when Gurudas receives his name, please watch the compilation, “Give me enlightenment, please” in our ‘compilations’ section.

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