No thinking, no effort, for one instant of time.

This clip is from the 2nd of August 1993.
A devotee called Martin tells Papaji, “When I am quiet I am not disturbed by thought that comes and goes. When my body and emotions become noisy, I become disturbed again.” Papaji replies, “Satsang apprise you of the fact that there is no coming and no going. Now you have to be the observer of the ‘I’ and separate yourself from it. Find out who the observer is. Inquire into the raising of the ‘I-thought.’ You will recognize ‘I am. I am.’ Let there be no thinking, no effort, for one instant of time.”

Papaji speaks about an arrogant girl who came to see him the day before and uses her example to explain about the Vedic tradition to approach a teacher with humility and respect.

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