21 December 93 – No Goal. No Movement. No Effort.

This satsang from the 21st of December 1993 starts with Papaji quoting from a newspaper about the benefit of meditation. Papaji recollects meeting the Noble Laureate Doctor C. V. Raman and Nasa experiments on Swani Rama which were done to help train Astronauts in space.
Highlights of this satsang are:
* Sarah: “How do I get still and quiet without making any effort?” Papaji: The mind must not go to the past. And you are happy. Sleep while sleeping, walk while walking, talk while talking, and climb while climbing. This is the teaching of no effort.
* Satyamkish: “I feel so impotent in allowing spaces of no thinking.” Papaji: “In this space there is no thought. When you simply speak the word “Thought,” at that time there’s no thought. When you are not aware then they will jumble up in your head.
* Jørgen: “”The time has come to realize my desire for freedom.” Papaji: “When you don’t have any desire to reach anywhere then this desire is fulfilled. Your goal must be somewhere, where you have not to move even one step. And your behavior must be like a pregnant woman. You have to concentrate inside your own Self, that “This is freedom and I have to be delivered someday or the other.”
* Rokus: “Stillness and love are found to be the same. There is something selfish in expressing one’s experience. Also, in rejecting such feelings there is selfishness. “Only when I accept you as inner Guru, stillness is there.”” Papaji: “Let this ‘I’ work. Let this ‘I’ keep quiet, or let it speak. The guru is within everybody, as his own heart is the guru. You keep quiet. Let it be inside or let it be outside. Peace outside. Peace inside. This is going to give you happiness.”
* Nishkam: “Am I to renounce everything to get freedom?” Papaji: “These are not the hindrances. The hindrance is that we worry. This worry has to be avoided.
* Chaitanya (in Hindi): “How to recognize a true Master? What is the sign of a realized person?” Papaji: “When you go to a person and your mind becomes peaceful, he is a saint.”
* Akash: “It feels like I carry a small part of your love with me.” Papaji: “I you know “Everything is happening in my empty heart,” that is the meaning of your name, then you can enjoy the world.”
* David: “Dream of park, lions and a briefcase.” Papaji talks of social and economical fears and recollects his time in a nude beach in France and when he was in the army swimming naked in the river.

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