Never Anything Existed

In this powerful extract from 22 March 1993 a devotee called Robert Powel asks Papaji whether cells in the body actually exist and mentions J Krishnamurti and U.G. Krishnamurti points of view on this subject. Papaji tells him: “Agreement or disagreement belong to mind. Ultimate reality is that never anything existed, even the Creator. There is no name to describe this, always here and now. You have to return to your ultimate understanding, ‘Where does this concept comes that I exist?’ If you search for the source of ‘I’ it will straight away take you to that place, or no place, which I just speak about.”
Papaji talks about meeting U.G. Krishnamurti in Gstaat and how U.G. did not believe in any kind of experiences, “You will only believe when you have one. You must have experience, then only you have to believe. Empty your memory, empty your concepts, and what has been stored so far in the memory. If you are absolutely empty then you return to no-mind.”

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