“Only Love” by Rishi P2

This is Part 2 of an interview by Finnish filmaker, Rishi, who was producing a series of documentaries titled “Mystics of Today”.

It includes the following questions:
My question is about the visit of Rama in Madras.
Is it true that the single glance of Ramana Maharshi liberated you? What is this transforming power of the Guru?
Are the Gurus of the east saviours in the same sense as Jesus was and is? Is Ramana still alive in the same sense as Jesus?
What or who is the Guru?
After your realisation you continued your life as before, why? Why didn’t you start helping your suffering fellow?
Rishi asks Papaji about his vision of all his incarnations by Ganga. Was this a newer realisation or just the experience of earlier incarnations?
Do you still progress in this final stage of evolution, where are you now?
When it is said that the Guru is one with god, does it mean that he is able to see through everybody’s ‘I’? Is he a separate individual but still one with the ultimate?
What should we do in order to realize what you have realised?
You actually didn’t practice ‘who am I?’ Doesn’t your own example show that we have to purify our mind with intense spiritual practice?
Is the same spiritual road fit for everybody?

Part 1: https://youtu.be/mi_yRn8Kwug

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