“Only Love” by Rishi P1

This Interview by Rishi, a Finnish filmaker who was producing a series of documentaries titled “Masters of Today” includes the following questions:

What did it occur to you at the age of 8?
Why did it occur to you at such and early age?
What was the effect of this experience in your life?
Why did you become an ardent devotee of Krishna after such an experience of Self?
Do Hindu gods and goddesses really exist?
What about the deities of other religion. Do they exist? Can we find the final Truth through any religion?
Is mantra meditation capable of purifying the mind?
Your father forced you to marry but you said it was due to your unfulfilled desire in previous incarnation..
You joined the freedom fighters and believed that violence was the perfect method to throw the British out of India. How was it possible for an ardent Krishna devotee? Do you still believe in violent solutions to political and social problems?
Gradually your religious aspirations to see God made it impossible to continue your army career. What happened?
You needed physical Guru. Does it mean everyone needs physical Guru in order to realize the Truth, to find divine love?
Why are some people like Ramana Maharshi capable of finding the Truth without physical Guru?
Why didn’t you take seriously Maharishi advice to find out who you are?
What made you continue your meditation on lord Krishna? Does it mean this kind of meditation is beneficial and an important step while climbing to enlightenment?
After intense Krishna meditation gods and goddesses visited you, why?
Why were you now unable to continue Krishna meditation after this experience?

For Part 2: https://youtu.be/xYNIBM-eYAw

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