How the Universe Comes out of Emptiness

In this powerful discourse at the beginning of Satsang on the 17th December 1992, Papaji addresses Emptiness.

Papaji: “The inherent nature of gold is to be carved into shape. There’s no difference and no such thing as multiplicity and unity in the gold. Consciousness, emptiness can take any shape. Whatever it thinks so does it become. Kalpas, Yugas will come, stay and dissolve again and again. Consciousness creates this universe without losing its own nature. It is the inherent nature of the ocean to create waves.”

Papaji uses the analogy of the snake and the rope: “Why this creation has been created to give trouble to so many people? Because you were not aware. The rope looked like a snake but the snake was never present. Because of your ignorance, because of darkness, you called it a snake and fear arose. On close investigation, you find there was no snake. You are going to investigate in the consciousness, where does this universe abide? Looking closely, like the snake, it’s going to disappear. Never did anything arise. Investigate who am I? Who is in trouble? There is no suffering, it’s only imagination of the mind.”

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