Divine Incarnation

This video compilation put together for Gurupurnima 2019 includes:

. A discourse from 15th of April 1993, in which Papaji speaks about stopping every kind of practises, notions, intentions, ideations, even his own words, to be in the Here and Now. This is the instant from where creation arises from. Human incarnation is God itself walking in human form.

. Renu from Italy thanks Papaji for an unexpected glimpse.
Papaji: “Why was? Glimpse means enlightenment, beauty, love. Once it comes you have to give a seat and ‘you’ disappear. Honour it.”

. The funny and profound interaction with a young woman who is afraid to sit near Papaji. Papaji tells her that he’s very hungry and once she is in his belly (under his protection) she will not have to worry any longer.

. Papaji cheekily tells a young devotee not to keep count of how many times he’s engulfed by grace.

. A man who shares his gratefulness for Papaji’s grace.

. An extract from Ram Crowler interview in which he asks Papaji if devotion to Guru can take one to freedom.
Papaji: “Satguru is one who enables you to recognize your own Self. He will tell you that you are not born and the universe was never created.”

. Papaji speaks about Ramana as his inner guide and the one who resides in the heart of all beings.
Papaji: “He is the questioner and he gives the answer and I enjoy.”

The compilation ends with a beautiful song dedicated to Ramana by Sangeeta Lavin, with rare B&W footage of Ramana.

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