31st May 1994 – God is The Seer Within You

“You are That. You are Brahman. Tat Tvam Asi. There’s no question of becoming anything else. It cannot be anything else. You’ve not to practice that, because you are that already. Your trust must be as great as that.”
This video from the 31st of May 1994 includes Papaji instructing about meditation and love of God. “Don’t believe if the whole world is telling you, you are on the wrong path. It doesn’t matter, you go alone. Don’t listen to anybody, because love of God does not come to everybody. You can see God, as you see anybody else. God is the Seer within you. Even when you see a dog, it is God who is seeing the dog. That much faith you must have. And you have to do it for yourself. Everybody is going to cheat you. You stick to your path, even if there’s nobody. You walk alone.”
Papaji reminiscences about meeting the Abbot of Monserrat and being labeled a ‘mad man’ because of his love of God.
One Austrian man asks about overcoming laziness. Papaji: Who taught you effort is needed? It is for God to make effort, not for you. He will come. Doesn’t matter you are walking, or talking, or lying, or sitting, or standing. God is within you. He’s looking what you are doing. It is His business, it’s not yours. You simply keep quiet and see what is happening. You don’t speak. Let Him act.
The satsang ends with offerings of beautiful devotional songs.

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