18th August 1992 – Direct Awakening – Part 2

This is part 2 of a long satsang from 18th August 1992. It includes the following:
. Papaji tells an Australian devotee: “Truth exalts a holy person. You have to become beautiful with no attraction and no aversion. Papaji explains how not to follow thoughts even in a work environment.
. Papaji replies to the question “How to learn Self-remembrance when bodily pain brings me out of awareness?” by explaining that the thought of pain is more troublesome than when the pain is actually present, and that one should not dwell in any past memory but be present here and now.
. The final encounter is with a French man who asks, “How to be free always with and without activities and thinking?” Papaji gives analogy of going from the beach into the ocean and then back again. “When you come out of peace and emptiness you bring this with you. You can’t leave it behind. This taste you cannot forget. Mind is always looking for new tastes but this is the final taste. There will be attacks of old habits but take care of this experience of emptiness. Again come back. You are taking nothingness from Lucknow.”

For part 1 see https://youtu.be/YmUIA7mn_4E

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