21st November 1992 – Delight, Bliss and Beyond

“This delight that we derive from the experiences of the senses from the respective objects is not abiding. It is fleeting. This delight is already past, not a fresh one, because you have called from the memory, and you need first desire and then object of the desire to be experienced with the senses. Only unwise will have this repeated. The wise, wise person will not do it, because any experience that is fleeting, he will not touch it.”

In this satsang from 21st November 1992, Papaji speaks about the value of association with a guru. He then goes on to answer a question often heard in Satsang, which is, “I got it when I was with you, but then I lost it when I went home. How do I maintain this understanding at all times?”
Papaji also speaks about the trap of association with the past.

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