Death & Freedom Here and Now

In this discourse from the beginning of satsang of 29th September 1992, Papaji speaks about Death and the fear of Death.
“What is death, fear of death? Death is after each body and will bring another body unless you remove the fear of death. This ‘I’ is universe, bondage. When ‘I’ rises, the universe arises, the bondage arises. And when there is no ‘I’, no concept of ‘I’, that’s called freedom. Rid of the concept of ‘I’ by questioning ‘Who am I?’. Freedom is here and now. There is no difference between vasanas (I want this) and samsara. Samsara is postponement. If you stand on your toes and say ‘ I want to be free’ what stops you?”

Papaji uses the analogy of a man being attacked by robbers in the dream. The roar of the tiger, ‘I want to be free’, will wake this man up. Once peace is attained one doesn’t need anything else. All else is sensual pleasure.
Papaji quotes Saint Kabir: “Do not stir a thought, mind, intellect. Keep the senses quiet and enlightenment will be calling you from behind.”

Unfortunately the audio is pretty noisy so please watch with the English subtitles on.

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