24th February 1994 – Choose Freedom Now

“If you see the eyes of a person whose mind is still, then you can find peace within yourself also. Either you look in the eyes of a man whose mind is still, or look at his heart, and then your mind will be still. You will be attracted by those eyes, and you will forget to look anywhere else. You have to look within your eyes, behind your eyes, and you will find the trick, how to keep quiet.”
In this sublime satsang from the 24th of February 1994, Papaji addresses the following:
– God and Self-Enquiry.
“Everyone is God but we don’t see unless we see God within our Self. First you see and then you will see God everywhere, even in the animals, birds, rocks also. You have to absolutely look at God and nothing else, then it is the God who’s seeing through your eyes. When you surrender yourself to God, you will have to keep quiet so that he will take your responsibilities. And so long you have responsibility on your own head, God doesn’t bother about, and it seems he’s hiding.”
– Beyond the 5 elements of ‘I am.’
“Lay down your understanding. Lay down the ‘I am.’ Also understanding. Also thinking. Also efforts. Just this. Just is. This is-ness is called enlightenment. You can see your nose, but retina through which you see, it cannot be seen. Not difficult, only the nearness doesn’t allow you to see now. It is too much near that I say, that cannot be defined by the word, by any sign, by any thought, not by any effort. So, it is so simple to know what it is.”
– How to become mindless?
“Keep quiet and don’t make any effort to keep quiet. And don’t think, first of all. Every thought is a graveyard. Every thought is past. No use going to graveyard. Therefore when you don’t think, you are free. Just for one second, you don’t think. In that second, in that moment, in that instant, you will kiss freedom.”
– Freedom Now.
“You are already free. I say you are free. That’s all. I don’t speak lie. Why don’t you accept it? I say: You Are Free. There couldn’t be any better advice than this.There cannot be any better gift in the world that this. You have to choose, “I am free now.” When I tell you You Are Already Free, what is going to be your next question? Either you have to say, “I accept,” or you have to say, “I reject.”
– Unsatisfaction.
“Doubts are in the head only, and when it is removed you are doubtless. Then you are free. People who come for satsang, they have to remove their head outside at the gate, then enter. And I assure you freedom instantly. And if somebody speaks, “I’m not enlightened,” he has not removed his head, so I will send him back again.”

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