Another name of ‘I’ is ‘Nowhere’ – Emptiness

This compilation has been put together on the occasion of Gurupurnima 2022 and contains very early recordings of Papaji’s satsang in Lucknow and in Haridwar. The video starts with a satsang from the 23rd of March 1992. Papaji had just taken 7 days vacation and reflects on how most people are living in ignorance. Papaji uses the analogy of a boat floating in the river without water entering it and tells the sangha, “Don’t allow the world to drawn you.”
A devotee expresses how difficult this week without Papaji has been and that he feels like he’s been tested. P: “Everything buried is being stirred. Tendencies will come up to leave you. Make a choice. I introduce you to your lineage, they are lion. Don’t follow like sheep. Be at guard all the time. Only face towards the Self, Atman, then you are safe. You have to be in love 24 hours.
The second part of this compilation is a very intimate satsang in Haridwar in 1990.
A French devotee asks Papaji about how to be involved in daily activities. P: “Another name of ‘I’ is nowhere. Emptiness.You have to go to past to be involved. You reach the source and you need not exert yourself to removing or obtaining. You stay at the source, which is your Self. This ‘I’ is eternal ‘I’. It will not leave you.”
Papaji makes the round of the people present and asks them to express what they are going through. We hear from Gangaji, Alain and Hanuman among others. Unfortunately the sound is quite poor so make sure to turn the subtitles on.
The video ends with a beautiful song by Bharatmitra ‘One look into your empty eyes’ which he sang during Gurupurnima celebration in 1995.

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