9th May 1995

This satsang took place during the time when Papaji was recovering from breaking his arm due to a car accident. Papaji was still quite frail and his speech slow.
It starts with Papaji reading a very long letter of gratitude that also contains several poems from a devotee called Micha.
Other encounters include:
Cheeky Papaji plays cupid with a French devotee called Gopika who wants to get rid of any desire for relationships.
Papaji replies the question: How can one come to understand what their true dharma is? “The true dharma of every human being, is to know who one is. But no one knows because of the ego. This question cannot be imposed on anyone. There is time allotted for this, when this question will not arise in your mind and you will know, ‘I am that’.”
An Osho sannyasin expresses his difficulty in surrendering to a new guru. Papaji describes the meaning of guru – ‘One who gives you light’ – and talks about the ‘7th hell’ which is awaiting all fake gurus who mislead their followers.
Papaji addresses the ego: “She is a serpent hidden in your pants.”
The satsang ends with beautiful songs and dance offerings and sharing prasad (food offering) from Badrinath Dham.

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