7th January 1993 – Part 1

This beautiful and very long satsang, starts with a discourse on consciousness, “Consciousness alone is the substratum of everything that exist in the universe. There’s nothing that is outside of consciousness. If you are aware of this, ‘I am consciousness and I exist in all the atoms of the universe,’ then you are blissful. You are beyond oneness even, and beyond multiplicity. Now face yourself towards it. And here and now, You Are That. And You Are THAT.”
The first letter is from a woman called Shakti who already left, “Now I know the laughter is the Bliss, then Self recognises itself and realises the joke. Here I am everywhere, where I have always been. Everywhere. I just forgot to remember.”
Ramayata sings a devotional song: “Lit me up with your holy fire. Let me burn on the funeral pyre of the dream life. New life has begun from which there is no return. Never hide your grace from me. I will die of longing. Everything I see reminds me of you. Now I see you everywhere. Now I will never be free of you. But you are my very freedom.”
William writes a beautiful letter of gratitude in special ‘fading ink’.
Papaji guides Arwen to self-enquiry. Veetnisha writes about becoming nothingness and Papaji calls her to sit next to him, sharing laughter together.

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