6th December 1994

The first 9 minutes of this Satsang are in silence.
The video includes the following:
* A young midwife called Evi tells Papaji about the guilt she feels about a baby that was born under her care with brain damage. Papaji mentions Frederick Leboyer who visited him in France and told Papaji about his technique of giving birth to babies in water.
* A woman recollects her fear of being kissed by a dolphin and tells Papaji that she has the same feeling now with him. Papaji: “Many people are being kissed by the dolphins and it gives them more and more trouble. But why don’t you face a crocodile so that instantly you get happiness? So many people have volunteered themselves to kiss or to receive the kiss from a crocodile. They are here.”
* Birthe writes, “What can I see when I look into your eyes?” Papaji asks her to face Hanuman and to tell him what she sees in the inner eye. “I see my own reflection.”
* Jayant from Austria asks Papaji, “Please teach me how to be quiet.” Papaji: “Only the divine ‘I’ can keep quiet. Do not see any name and form. This is called love, happiness and Nirvana also.”
* Pritam wants to carry back home a seed of silence. Papaji, “Don’t fall in love with the wave. Look deep within, then you will know Who You Are, and this is freedom.”
* Felicity writes, “The movie is over. Humility is a gift.” She receives a new name: Mangala.
* Navina has no purpose. Papaji, “God is afraid of those who ask for nothing because he has to follow them and be bound to them. They get everything.”
The video ends with devotional offerings:
Shanti & Shanti Prakash – “The song of Shiva and Shakti.”
Gunnar & Satyaa – ”On the Road of Love.”
Vedanta Maria – “Master of the Dawn.”
Satyaa – “Papaji.”