4th April 1995

This is a beautiful singing satsang from the 4th of April 1995. Papaji is supposed to be leaving for Israel and the satsang starts with a few letters of gratefulness and many people asking to sing. Soma from Bali recollects her past lives by the Ganga in Rishikesh, which prompts Papaji to speak about his experience of seeing all of his incarnations by the Ganga, “A man who has to be liberated, he will see all his incarnations. That means this is the end of his incarnation, so that no person will be again born in this universe.”
The songs offered include Guru Hamare Mana Mandirame, Jo Tum Todo Piya by Lata Mangeshkar, Sagunatchi Saje Nirgunachi Baje, Mohabbat Ki Jhooti and Tou Mikrou Voria by Maria Farandouri.

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