29th June 1993

This is a very devotional and powerful satsang. It starts with a young Australian called Sim enquiring about what would be the right question to ask. Papaji: “Why do you search for a question when there is no question? Mind and question are the same thing. In sleep you have no question and you are happy. The most important question is to search your own Self. If you go towards the Self, the question is lost. Just listen. What you come here to search for will reveal itself. No effort. Self is neither an object nor a person. Don’t bring any person or any object in the mind and then search.”
Papaji asks the sangha to come forward and extemporize on what has just been spoken. Expressing deep devotion Pravita comes up, “In this state of calm, what can you say? This is Prasad. This gift to be in this space with you and so close. Is this true that what I have been looking is just here? So simple, what a joke!”
Sadchidananda also tries to come up but Papaji sends her to the back of the hall and tells her to stop wasting his time pretending to be other than what she truly is.
PAPAJI: “When you arrest the outgoings of the mind, then Satsang will take place. Time is not important. Your intention is more important. Time is going to be a quarter of an instant. Whenever you want to make use of this instant, you can do it.”
The satsang ends with more devotional encounters and long silences.

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