23 May 95 – Papaji Tearing Up

This satsang includes the following interactions:
*Gerd – how to speak to God?
*Vedant – Ramakrishna: if all is sense experience and one is already pure, then why renounce sex, smoke, drink etc.? Papaji is marrying him with Radhika (…) “To be in This second – look inward.”
*Abhiskekh – Papaji tells the story of Ram and Sita.
*Atma Priya – Papaji tells the story of Kabir’s daughter pretending to chop peoples head, and Socrates being scolded by his wife.
*Hugo – step by step into the source, then Nothingness. Papaji chokes while telling the story of a barber who looked after his teacher instead of attending to the king, and discovered the miracle of guru devotion.

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