18th December 1992

This satsang starts with a discourse on Self-effort and Faith. “Do not rest until you are successful. This is called Self-Effort. Everybody believes in self-effort so now I allow you to make self-effort. If you don’t believe effortlessness, if I speak, even I speak effortlessness, they say this is also effort. This is also a kind of effort. Now I agree with you, because I am interested in the result, effort or no effort. Now it is your time.”
Papaji guides one lady with health issue, “If you think, ‘I am free’, you are free. If you think, ‘I am suffering’, you suffer. ‘I am bound’: you are bound. ‘I am in hell’: you are in hell. So get rid of this thought, ‘I am still suffering.’ Don’t think of it, just relax. As much time you spend on this: “I am suffering from asthma,” half of this time you spend, “I want to be free.” “I am freedom.” “I am consciousness.” And “I am not the body.” That’s all.”
Papaji guides towards the release of the ego-concept.
Papaji talks to a devotee about Pranic healing.
Papaji talks about the substratum, “This revelation is waiting the removal of ‘I’. This unchanging beauty is waiting for, to reveal itself, waiting for the removal of your imposition on it, concealment on this thing. Remove this. Brush aside this ‘I’ for one instant and then speak. you don’t speak of knowledge. You only take care of your ignorance. You remove ignorance, don’t speak of knowledge. Remove your ignorance, that’s all. You see a snake in the road, you remove the snake. You remove the concept of the snake, and what is real will reveal itself.”
The video ends with song offerings in English and Sanskrit.

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