17th February 1997 – Part 1 – “Playful and Crying Papaji”

This video from the 17th of February 1997 was after Papaji had his cataract operation. Papaji couldn’t read clearly so he asked Doctor Yamuna to read on his behalf. He was frail and at the beginning of the satsang he was in a playful mood. For the first hour or so he kept making dirty jokes and sexual innuendos.
This is also one of the most moving satsangs of Papaji as he cries while admitting that “Nobody in the world is happy.”

Highlights of this satsang are:
. Soma from Denmark tells Papaji that she feels that to be with people the Self needs to be sacrificed. Papaji guides her to the moment before sleep and to repeat the name of RAM, “This is a very lucky name, it has to be remembered, and if you do at the last hour, the next season will be very nice, cannot be described.” Soma sings a song and Papaji plays with words asking for the saxophone player to help her. Soma breaks out in a very infectious laughter.
. Papaji addresses an Italian man who practices Tibetan Buddhist, “There they sing loudly, but what I believe is, if you do not make noise it is the best meditation. And if you shout on the top of your voice, even then you are quiet. You don’t think when you are shouting.” Papaji gives the example of Buddha who would respond to aggression with silence and blessings. “It is always possible to live in freedom and quiet and happy always. Quietness is the best meditation. It will not only give you quietness, it will make others also quiet. Best way of keeping quiet is to stay as you are. Don’t shout and don’t abuse the people who trouble you. What I prescribe is this, anybody abuses you, keep quiet. And wish well even of your enemies, the people who trouble you, you wish them well.”
. An unknown person writes, “I have glimpsed the emptiness, which is the fullness of who I know I am. Please, help me to see through the ideas of the mind.” In the course of answering Papaji gets choked with tears, “Always you have question, ‘Who are you?’ and then he tells, ‘I am so-and-so,’ but nobody ask this question first of all, ‘Who am I?’ Where do I come from and where will I return to?’ This question is yet to be asked by the world. So, you wake up in the morning and give this question to the mind. It has to be solved. Unless you solve it, you will never be happy. When you solve this question you will be ever happy, and the gods will come for you and bow before you to get the answer of this question. It doesn’t take much time to find out the answer of this question.
. Atmananda writes, “Please take me beyond the sea of doubt.” Papaji replies,”Be quiet, this is the boat to the other side. If someone slaps you, give them the other cheek. Forget anger.”
. Neera asks Papaji to show her the Truth of the heart and help surrender to him. Papaji replies, “Nobody in the world is happy” and bursts into tears.
. A young woman called Nuith comes up and starts crying with Papaji. Many people are crying.

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