13th August 1993

This Satsang from the 13th of August 1993 includes the following:
A devotee called Esha tells Papaji that she is feeling separation from God. Papaji: “When you feel separation that person must be there with you. You are never separated from God. This separation is devotion and it’s a blessing. When you pray from the bottom of your heart this person will manifest and the prayer will end. Find out who is praying. The separation, ego is a veil. When the ego is laid down through prayer this veil is lifted. Where is the veil first of all? You and me is a veil. Don’t touch yourself neither me and then speak.”
It is cricket season and Papaji reiterates his love for this sport by mentioning a guy who postponed his marriage because of an important cricket match. This is true love for cricket.
A Brazilian woman tells Papaji that it is difficult to reconcile her spiritual search with being a mother. Papaji: “There is no difference between male and female seekers. Women have better chance to find God, men cannot concentrate as they have too many women in their hearts.”
A devotee called Nirman expresses his inner fear which stops him from going all the way. Papaji: “You have to decide: ‘I am going to get freedom this life’. There is no way. How many miles are you away from yourself? Don’t lift a single step from your house. Nobody can touch you. Not even death can touch you. Fear is not a good companion, why fear to go home? Existence will take care of you.”

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