Your Own Self Is Propelling You

The grace of the Guru has drawn you here. You should not misunderstand or underestimate  your love for God. You are a true lover of That. The God who is within you will take you to the place where you can satisfy your desire for Him. He is there within you all the time, but He also knows that you are not acknowledging His presence there. So He is taking you to places where you can have this understanding that He is there within you all the time. Right now, you cannot understand His message. Because of this He is putting you in places where you will hear that same message in words that make sense to you. This is grace. Grace is that power which is moving you to the place where you will understand and experience that God is and always has been inside you. This grace has no personality, no form, no name. It does not come from outside you. It is your own Self propelling you to the place that will do you the most good. That power has now invited you here.