Your Desires are Manifesting

Everything and everyone you see around you are manifestations of your desires. When you have no desires, you don’t see anything at all. Try now and see for yourself. Stop the mind and its desires and see if there is anything left to see. When there is a desire, the eyes start working and they start seeing things which become objects of desire. The seer and the seen are maintained by the desire one for the other. When the desires are not there, there is no seer and nothing to be seen.

If there is no desire, you can’t see, you can’t hear, you can’t smell, you can’t taste. Try it, just for a fraction of a second. Make your mind be absolutely absent for a second and see what happens to all the objects of desire that you used to think were real. This one second will give you happiness and love. It is bliss, perfection, happiness, enlightenment, wisdom. Call it by any name that appeals to you.

Actually, this love, this bliss, has no name at all. It is just emptiness of mind. Nothing is there any more. We arose from emptiness and sooner or later we will return to that emptiness. In the interval, we think, have desires and suffer the consequences of them. But don’t think, ‘I came from emptiness and sooner or later I will return to emptiness and be happy’. That will not solve the problem of your present suffering. Instead have conviction, ‘I am in emptiness right now. Emptiness is my nature.’ This conviction is enough to give you bliss, love, and freedom.