You are the Source of Peace

PAPAJI: Meditation is just to stay at home. Not to activate your mind, not to stir a single thought.  Then you are at home. How not to cling any notion, intention or ideation.  This is your fundamental nature — peace, silence –a state through which the silence and through which the earth revolves, through which the sun shines, and the moons and the stars. Everything that is going on is from that undeniable source where you already are and you don’t know it. Therefore, you are not in peace. So to return back home — first of all, give up the concept that you are out of it. You have just to uncover. You are not to search, as with glasses — a man is putting on the glasses and searching the glasses sometimes looking through the glasses. A pendant which a woman is wearing and is searching for all around. This pendant is around her neck. Like this we are free, free we have been, always, and what is disturbing us — desire.

Desire for something troubles you. Tell me about any desire anyone has sought for that has not troubled him. Whatever your desire takes you out of home. Ego, mind, body, senses, objects; that is what is going on. And no object in the world has given peace to anyone. Therefore, find out, instantly, who you are. And perhaps you may not have to search for freedom, for light or for wisdom or for peace anywhere; you need not go anywhere. Sit quietly wherever you are and devote a few seconds and find out what is the trouble with you that causes suffering. So what is the prime thought that becomes the source of disturbances? The ‘I’ thought. I, then you, then they. So first the ‘I’ arises. With the rise of this one single thought, ‘I’, everything else arises. So when you try to see the source of this ‘I’, perhaps you will see that everything ceases. When ‘I’ arises, everything rises, when ‘I’ ceases, everything will cease just as you experience when you slide from waking into sleep state. How you reject everything in the last second of your waking state. When this is rejected, you fall asleep and you have rejected everything including your mind, your body, your senses, your friends, your relations, your world. And you are happy. This waking state also is a sleep state. So you have to wake up from this waking sleep state. And easiest way is just to question who am I. Return back to ‘I’, the first thought, the prime thought, which creates the manifestation and everything. Find out, just now, the source where the ‘I’ is rising. Which is that place, that’s all you have to do, instantly. You need not postpone it for tomorrow, for next hour, for next minute. You have not to travel long to know the source of “I”. Here and now it can be tackled. And then you will see — if you are watchful, very alert, and very keen. You will know that you are the source of peace itself, wisdom itself from where everything arises. And this is the source of all the beings, all gods, all heavens, all planets, all cosmos. Just you have to spend this minute for your own self, giving up all kinds of intentions. So you have to do it, not only hear it. It is not theoretical hearing. It is just putting into practice. No practice, I used a wrong word perhaps. Nothing, only to know who you are. It is neither practice nor concentration nor meditation. Just keep quiet for a second and you are in. Om, Hari Om.