You Are the Screen

You have done very well if you have found that place where thought arises. But that is not the place you have to stay. You are the one who is witness to the appearance and the disappearance of thought. That is a different place altogether. The one who rises and falls is not true. But there is someone who is looking at this rising, falling and staying. That person, that place, is everlasting.

This is a difficult place to find because it is the habit of the mind to become fully involved in different affairs. You cannot be involved and watch at the same time. Everyone is involved with the affairs of the mind. No one knows that everything that is seen is a projection, a picture on the screen. When you are not the witness, you become the projection instead. You are the screen but you don’t realize this. You are not the pictures that rise, fall and pass away, you are that on which they are projected.

There may be tragedies, romances, disasters, celebrations, etc. on the screen, but the screen is never moved or changed by them. The projected fires don’t burn the screen, nor do the projected floods wet it. Like this you must be untouched by all the pictures that appear on the screen of your own Self. Don’t just have the belief, ‘This is all a dream which is projected on the Self’. That is just the intellectual understanding. You must be that eternal being in order to experience what I am talking about.