You Are That. You Are God

You have seen a lemon as an object in front of you so you can tell me what it looks like, and you can even attempt to describe what it tastes like. But the word ‘I’ is different. No one has ever seen it. You can search your whole body from head to toe, but you won’t find it. You can look everywhere inside you: in the feet, the nose, the legs, the hands, the head, but you can never find it because the ‘I’ is not an object. It is not something that belongs to you. It is you yourself, and you never find your own Self by looking through things that belong to that Self.

Who is the owner of all these things that you look at while you are conducting this search? That owner cannot be described. But you don’t need any description to know who you are. You know it directly. You say to yourself ‘I am’, and you know immediately that this is the truth of who you are. You don’t have to look for it anywhere because it is you own direct experience. Do you have to ask your own Self who you are?

What I am saying is this: It is foolish to ask ‘Where is God?’ because you are God. You are That. Know it and say ‘I am that I am.’ You need not ask and it cannot be shown to you.