Devotee: Papaji, I am leaving, but I am afraid when I return home I will forget you.  

Papaji: Many people write to me from The States and Europe. They say they are all right here in India, but when they return home, they forget and they lose peace and consciousness. I advise them to playfully worship whatever comes into their day-to-day life. Whatever they see has to be worshiped as the same consciousness; it cannot be other than consciousness — eating food, whatever you do. Listening to music is worship through the ears. Whatever you see has to be worshiped, adored, honored. Like this, you will not forget consciousness.

When you see that consciousness is everywhere this Cosmic Being has to be adored and worshiped in every being, every non-being, in every situation — when you are happy, in happiness; when you are not happy, in unhappiness. In all situations engage yourself. People say, “Sometimes I am happy; sometimes I lose it.” Beyond both is consciousness, their own Self. The Self reveals Itself to Itself. This Cosmic Being which resides in all beings, in human beings, and animals, and birds, in everything is conscious within you. In the cave of your heart is the Conscious Being that directs you to see, smell, hear, activate your activities. This has to be worshiped, adored, honored wherever you go, whatever you do, whatever you hear, whatever you see. Then how can you forget? Wherever you are, you are in consciousness and consciousness is within you. Worship this purusha — this cosmic being within you.  

Let the individual dissolve and adore the Supreme Being. Let it merge into the Supreme Being from where it arose. Individuality must come from somewhere; a wave arises from somewhere. The individuality rises when you say, “this individual.” You have returned with this thought. Now, this moment,  from where did this thought arise? Individuality. This moment go back and see. Don’t make any effort — it will drop by itself. Don’t make any effort, don’t think; it will drop by itself. Your longing will cease. My instruction will cease.